New Lake Romance

Getting to fish a new lake that will become one of the top bass destinations was a pure joy!

Sure, I was intrigued by the double-digit weight largemouths and ridiculous numbers of bass Lake Picachos has produced this year. An even greater draw, though, was the unexpected opportunity to visit a Mexico lake that only recently opened and that has been seen been seen by very few bass anglers’ eyes.

Hidden among the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Picachos delivers rugged, wild beauty. Tangled brush and huge flooded trees fill coves and spread across mid-lake flats, and wooded slopes rise sharply from the lake’s edge. Limited access and minimal development create a sense of remoteness, despite the lake being only 40 miles from Mazatlán.

The window to fish was short, but the fish acted exactly like bass in Mexico’s newest hot lake should. On the way out for a short morning outing, our guide suddenly steered the boat toward a row of flooded trees, where bass were blowing baitfish from the water. He’d barely killed the motor when James Hall and I leapt from our seats and began casting, and I believe my popper managed three pops before it was savaged by a Picachos largemouth.

I supposed it might have added some extra excitement that we only had two hours to fish before it was time to begin travel toward home, but I sure would have loved to have hung around longer. We probably caught 30 fish in our very short outing, with at least half those fish smashing surface lures, and we had to leave the fish biting. You can bet I’ll be back when I have more time to fish!

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