Over Thinking-Or Not Paying Attention

Don't over think simple situations, even if it means catching fish in a location or with a method that is not your favorite. It's about catching fish after all.

I think that the title alone would make our wives, significate others or kids give everyone of us a strong glare. In this case, I am referring to fishing and how we often don’t pay attention to the little clues that tell us what the fish want and where they are.

I often use a tactic called “out gassing” the competition. Simply put I drive farther than everyone else to get on fish that have less pressure, even though I could catch fish much closer. We all know the nicer the weather, the more boats you are likely to have around you, but then, typically, you get to deal with crowds.

With upcoming guide trips, I needed to find some fish in a location that wouldn’t end up looking like a parking lot at 12 a.m. on Black Friday—I needed some privacy.

Fortunately, this time of year the bite often occurs very close to shore on many lakes that anglers overlook. So close, in fact, most other boats think you either have engine problems or are simply not fishing.

Because as the water warms up and oxygen becomes less abundant, the fish tend to congregate in deep water, or verryyyyyy shallow. On the Great Lakes, where I primarily fish, the shallow bite is the most overlooked action of the soft-water season.

Trolling crankbaits or other fast moving baits is often a good place to start because it allows you to cover water looking for aggressive fish and helps eliminate the risk of tying up with junk fish like drum.

Seems simple, but for some anglers it is a different world. I choose to keep it simple!

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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