Family Fishing Update: Mid July

Here's the latest from my family time on the water chasing fishy critters with my favorite people!

Aside from enjoying watching my family catch lots of fish, the bite has been a frustrating one. I take everyone out expecting to experience a new type of fishing or a stellar bite and I’m surprised with either poor fishing or a completely different bite altogether.

What do you do?

Keep casting, I guess!

We hit a lake that has traditionally produced good numbers of large bass and after each of my children have been showing growth in their casting and overall fishing abilities, I thought it was time for some bigger fish. Well, it didn’t quite work out, but we had fun nonetheless.

My wife managed to catch the biggest bass of the weekend, which only went about 3 pounds. But, we got into some small walleyes and the kids were interested in seeing the differences between that and what they were used to catching. We didn’t keep any, but should have… There were a lot of biters!

We spent the last day of the extended weekend on a new lake where I managed only one small fish on a frog while fishing the slop. We didn’t catch any more, but both my kids and wife had blowups and enjoyed that aspect. A new kind of fishing!

We didn’t catch much, but it was a fun weekend together. (They’re endurance and interest is growing, and that is a good thing!)

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