First Muskellunge

Here is a great story about a good friend's first muskie experience, which resulted in two fish!

There’s something special about your first fish, let alone your first muskie. My good friend Nate came to visit for a few days and made it clear that he wanted to catch his first muskie. I was happy, and eager, to oblige.

We traveled to a favorite lake of mine and after I managed to loose a big fish, he stuck his first muskie shortly after lunch. It wasn’t a huge fish by muskie standards, but it was a muskie nonetheless and we were both ecstatic!

We went home on a high without any further expectations for our weekend together.

A day later found us at a local park that had a pretty impressive park for the kids and a comfortable swimming beach. Of course I brought the boat in the event that an opportunity arose to fish. There were muskies in this lake, but I didn’t think it would be worth it.

However, I got a hot tip from a friend that said the big, toothy fish were biting in that lake. So, why not!

Ten minutes into it, Nate was casting a double 8 orange and black bucktail when a fish came screaming in behind it. Nate masterfully figure 8’d the bait—as if he was a seasoned veteran—and the fish ate on the second time around. The water erupted with violent head shakes and I managed to net him a few short seconds later.

Our wives heard us screaming from shore and figured we had caught something…

I’m not sure Nate will become a dedicated fanatic, but know he enjoyed the heck out of it and I think I’ve got him talked into coming back for another shot a big mama.

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