The Boy And Pike

My son is blooming into a hardcore angler and a pack of northern pike solidified his future!

I’ve been getting my son and daughter out fishing on a regular basis and they really seem to be enjoying their time—I know I am!

But, I have also struggled to consistently catch my favorite fish—largemouth bass. Because they are so abundant and readily available in my part of the country, I feel they offer a great opportunity for my kids to fish for bigger fish that fight as opposed to bluegills and crappies all the time.

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Panfish are great, but both kids are ready for a bigger battle—my son especially.

So, I took him to a favorite lake where there are good numbers of bass that are seemingly easy to catch—the perfect combination, eh? I thought so. Except I couldn’t get a single bass to eat.

Pike were tearing up my crankbaits. They were irritating me in a big way until it dawned on me, my son would love catching these things. So, I switched his lure and he began hooking up with long, green fighters.

While they weren’t big, the provided plenty of action and my son loved every second of it.

I learned yet again that my personal agenda has no room in the boat when I’m trying to get my kids on fish. I wanted bass, pike were all over the place and I wasn’t happy about it.

That is until I saw the smile on his face each time he hoisted another hammer handle up for the camera.

Enjoy the pix, this was a perfect day on the water!

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