I Hate The Wind

Friend or foe, the wind can just flat wear you out! do you take advantage of the good bite that can occur? Or do you take refuge in the garage?

I know at times the wind can make the fishing good, but it still irritates the crap out of me! It makes boat control a struggle, even with a larger rig, it makes it hard to cast accurately, especially with kid and if you do hook a fish, you get blown off the spot with only a hope of repositioning correctly for another cast.

You can’t get mad at things you can’t control, but if I could sit Mother Nature down for a discussion regarding her poor choice in weather conditions this year, I would! It would be a strong conversation…

Is it just me, or does it seem windier than usual this year?

How do you handle fishing in the wind? Does it bug you like it bugs me?

Weigh in here.

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