ICAST 2014: Classic Bagley Lures

Modern lure-making techniques create baits with classic swimming action.

In 1960 Jim Bagley introduced his first carved balsa lure, the Original Bang O Lure. That was followed by others, including the classic Balsa B, Kill’r B and Honey B which became the go-to baits for tournament and weekend anglers for years.

Today, carving is out, according to the bait maker. Instead the buoyant softwood is subjected to a heat-compression molding process which makes it possible to precisely weight the lures to achieve classic swimming actions. Among Bagley’s new balsa baits introduced at ICAST 2014 are the Sunny B and Balsa Shad crankbaits.

Sunny B

Both versions of the lure are 2 inches long and weight 3/8 ounce. The Sunny B runs 6 to 7 feet, while the Shallow Sunny B has a 3- to 4-foot dive curve.

Balsa Shad

Three models cover running depths from 5 to 17 feet—8 to 21 feet when trolled.

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