ICAST 2014: King Rat

An unlikely looking wake bait is voted “Best Hard Lure” at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades.

We’ve seen a lot of rat lures, but nothing like SPRO’s new BBZ-1 Rat, introduced at ICAST in Orlando, Florida, last week.

Longtime NAFC member and SPRO Field Staffer Bill Siemantel designed the 10-inch bait which features a 5-inch jointed body and an articulated replaceable tail made of sections of hard ABS plastic locked in place on 80-pound Spectra line.

Siemantel studied a live rat’s anatomy and how it moves, especially the tail, then spent thousands of hours building and fine-tuning prototypes until he fashioned a lure that wakes and walks perfectly.

Conceived and created on southern California’s big-bass waters, the BBZ-1 is sure to catch the attention of pike, muskie and striper anglers across the country.

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