WWYGD: Extreme Dock Shooting For Crappies

Shooting docks for big slab crappies is not an easy skill to develop, but if you practice and understand the basics, you'll catch a lot more crappies this summer.

Crappie expert Terry Blankenship says anglers who limit dock shooting to early spring are fishing with blinders on. Bucking the trend, Blankenship says he finds overlooked crappies year ‘round in the darkest corners of docks and floating platforms.

He relates a number of reasons why crappies relate to docks year 'round, but the biggest is the presence of baitfish.

“Wherever you find bait, you’re going to find gamefish,” says Blankenship. “ If I see the baitfish on my electronics I know crappies aren’t far away.”

To locate baitfish and crappies Blankenship motors his boat perpendicular to docks, keeping his eyes glued to Humminbird Side Imaging or 360. Once he finds docks that hold fish, he stops and starts shooting. Blankenship's ammo of choice? A 1/16-jig head and Bobby Garland plastic like the Slab Dockt'r.

Gotta admit, Blankenship's got pretty deadly aim. In fact, we don't think we've ever seen a more accurate dock shooter, at least with spinning gear. Check out the video; pretty extreme.

Blankenship says that if crappies are up and near the docks, they just can’t resist a jig and plastic that lands close to dock foam. “It becomes a reaction thing. After all, summer or winter, big fish go to where the easiest food is.”

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