ICAST 2014: 3 New Japanese Bass Baits

After ICAST 2014 Jim Edlund found three new hot Japanesse baits that you need to try!

Today’s blog needs a soundtrack. Crank it up. Listen as you read.

Okay, I admit it, I’m a Japanese bass baits junkie.

First, I just like the way they look. Second, some taste like candy. Okay, so that part isn’t true. Or is it?

Anyway, the real reason I’m drawn to Japanese baits is that I’m big on fishing baits bass have never seen on my favorite waters.

Plus, ninjas are cool, and they come from Japan.

Just like Munenori Kajiwara, Director of Japan-Import-Tackle.com, a super cool dude, excellent angler and captain of Japan’s official ice fishing team. Plus, he does a lot of fishing outreach with kids. That’s even cooler.

“Munenori (center) and associates introduce ICAST attendees to new bass baits from Japan, including a new Gan Craft swimbait.”

Last week I was fortunate to spend some time with Munenori at ICAST 204, and I got to browse a bunch of baits that have never been fished in the western world. Some of ‘em – like Imakatsu’s Hairy Chunk – arrived that very morning from Japan for the show.

I could easily write War & Peace about Munenori’s cool new wares, including offerings from Gan Craft, Decoy, Fish Arrow, Imakatsu, Nories, Ecogear, Marukyu, RAID and others.

But, sparing you needless words, consider this my first “Big In Japan” blog installment.

Here are three must-haves, all from Imakatsu:

#1: IMAKATSU – GarageCraft – Hairy Chunk

From what I’m told, years of Japanese bass bait R&D went into creating molding technology that could create the perfect combination of plastic and hair. Looks like they succeeded. I’m 100% convinced this bait will catch fish. Especially smallies and largemouths in deep, cold and moving waters. BTW, the plastic and hair combo is kind of greasy … and tastes like candy.

#2: IMAKATSU –Battle Bats - #82 – 57mm, 11g

Sorry, but I’m lost in translation. What I can tell you is that this dual-knocker crankbait boasts a unique blade that rotates around the top of the rear treble hook. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. For more, check back with me after I receive my Rosetta Stone software from Sky Mall.

#3: IMAKATSU – Dread Hog – 4-inch

Okay, so the guy on this bait’s packaging looks like my nephew Carter, a kid who eschewed shampoo for several years. And his dreads got really gnarly, kind of like this bait.

Never seen anything remotely like it ever. Never. Looks like a small pod of baby shad. I count 14 little swimbaits, each with independent baby paddletail thumping action. Wowzers. Is this thing legal? Should it be legal? Of course it should! All you need is one jig head!

Check out Japan Import Tackle for more cool stuff!

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