Powerful Softbaits From Berkley

The company introduced a number of new softbaits for 2015 in its PowerBait, Havoc, Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! lines.

PowerBait Fight’n Bug
Texas-rigged, or on a jig head, the textured body and open, oversize pincers on this 3.5-inch bait give it a lifelike look and aggressive action with the slightest twitch of the rodtip. Plus, the proven PowerBait scent and flavor profile keeps bass holding on. Twelve colors—$4.99.

Havoc Money Maker
Professional bass angler Brandon Palaniuk designed the bait and likes to fish it hooked wacky-style on a light drop-shot rig. But it’ll work just as well as a typical wacky rig, or on a shaky head jig. It’s hyper active and quivers enticingly from tip to tail with minimal rod movement—a great choice when bass are finicky. Eleven colors—$3.49.

Gulp! And Gulp! Alive! DoubleTail
Berkley drew on the proven profiles of the Swimming Mullet and Minnow Grub to come up with the new 3- and 4-inch DoubleTails. Rigged on a jig or under a popping cork, the lure’s twin tails dance wildly in the water. The Gulp! version comes in 8 freshwater colors ($5.99) and 8 saltwater shades ($6.99), while Gulp! Alive! features 4 fish-attracting patterns.

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