Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

Sometimes fishing can be just as the old saying goes: “Like shooting fish in a barrel!”

Other times it takes some work and repetition to get those fish to bite. It doesn’t matter what species you are after, but in particular, bass sometimes need to see the lure you are presenting multiple times and sometimes from a different angle before they bite.

For example, if you know bass are located on laydowns, your presentation may need to be put in front of them from several different angles before they will bite. Once you get several bites by presenting your lure from a specific angle, you can replicate that on the other forms of cover across the lake.

When fishing slop with a frog or flipping stumps or weed clumps for bass, sometimes you need to put your bait in front of a bass multiple times. It evokes a reaction strike from that fish and each time you drop your bait in front of them, you are provoking their curiosity.

To be able to fish effectively and make these repeated casts to your target, you need to have good boat control. Two key items to having good boat control is your trolling motor and a shallow water anchoring system. Here is a video showing the new 12’ Minn Kota Talon’s.

Many times once you find a hot spot that is holding bass, you can make cast after cast to that same weed clump or stump and catch multiple bass, making for some fast and furious action!

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