A little perspective makes you realize that there is a lot more to life than just fishing.

Sometimes, heck most of the time, we all whine and complain about things that less than 24 hours later we all forget about anyways. I was sitting at home working on the computer and checked a couple Facebook messages when I noticed a post from a good friend and fellow guide from across the pond in Canada.

Instead of the typical hilarious comments or fish hero shots, he had one photo of a treble hook through his finger. I am no stranger to hooks in fingers, mostly those of clients who disregard my warning and learn the power of a small Gamakatsu treble hook when still attached to a displeased walleye. On a blue moon I have even been known to bury one in myself.

This is just the kind of thing two veteran Capt.’s like to harass each other about.

This time was a little different however. Another pic down the page revealed that his day got even worse on the way home. A car attempting to pass on the other side of the road came into his lane, unaware of his presence and just barely missed hitting him head on.

In this day and age with texting and just plain ignorant unaware people, we truly all need to be more aware. This certainly isn’t specific to boating, but I think most of you that trailer a boat can recall a time of two where someone put you in a real pinch because you had a boat behind you. We can’t stop as fast or maneuver nearly as well with a few thousand pounds of fiberglass behind us.

If nothing else, this was a quick reminder to me that some of those things I try to get done on the car ride home maybe aren’t as important as I thought. Spend more time to paying attention to some dingdong who isn’t paying attention at all—your added awareness might just save the life of a friend or myself.

Perspective is a funny thing, and it can help you see things in a funny way—like that treble hook buried in your thumb isn’t such a big deal anymore!

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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