Dad: Something Grabbed My Walleye!

Spend enough time on the water and eventually you’ll be fighting a small fish only to have a bigger fish grab it for its own.

Usually the larger fish is never hooked, and it escapes before it’s brought to shore or into the boat. But not always.

Shown in these photos is young angler Connor, and recently he was on a multi-species fishing trip to central Ontario with his mom and dad. While the trio fished most of the time in the dad’s larger boat, Connor spent a few evenings catching walleyes from his kayak. And one night while Connor was catching ’eyes, this muskie decided it was hungry, too.

The walleye hook never made it into the muskie’s mouth, but the bigger fish refused to let go, and eventually Connor landed it.

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He kept the walleye for shorelunch and released the muskie.

Here's a very similar situation with Al Lindner and Walleye Dan!

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