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The right shoe makes all the difference, even when fishing. Learn more about how to select right kicks for your game.

Roughly 7 years ago I was fishing a tournament and buried a treble hook into my foot. Oh, yes, a treble hook—yay! Long story short, I’ve worn shoes fishing ever since. Mom always said “If you were gonna be dumb, you better be tough.” As a kayak fisherman, water shoes have become a key tool. Not only am I running around on wet surfaces, I’m dragging them into the salt, sun, sand, mud, grass and blood.

Blowing through shoes about every 3-6 months will put a damper on your wallet. I could never understand why something that was designed to be soaking wet couldn’t handle being soaking wet. At ICAST I ran into Astral, not knowing much about the company and being desperate for a great pair of water shoes I knew I had to try them.

I left with the Brewess, which are designed just for ladies—this design has a narrow heel with a wide toe-box. That Friday night I went out fishing Mosquito Lagoon and gave my Astrals their very first test drive. I was thrilled with the fact I didn’t hurt myself walking down the boat ramp.

Astral has designed their shoes like no other water shoe I’ve tried. They are made with Cordura and Air Mesh fabrics it definitely separates this shoe. The water beads right off, instead of soaking into the fabric and staying wet all day. The Brewess, just like the mens Brewer, are extremely lightweight, breathable, has drains surrounding the shoe and Astral’s very own G14 Rubber outsole. In the little time I’ve really been able to push these shoes and grow to absolutely love their functionality.

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