Catch More Time On The Water

Don't let summer pass you by without taking advantage of some tremendous fishing.

As one of the lucky souls fortunate enough to work with Fishing Club member photos and the Club’s online member profiles, I often hear folks lament about not getting enough time on the water. Certainly, a variety of family, work and community considerations can quickly fill up a schedule. But with a little planning and determination, finding time to fuel our fishing passions is also possible.

First off, if you’re hustling and bustling like most Americans, waiting for a day with nothing to do to drop in your lap isn’t going to cut it. You have to make the time, not wait for it. Second, since it’s a whole lot easier to carve a couple of hours out of the schedule than days or weeks, multiple short trips are infinitely easier to pull off than marathon fishing sessions. And personally, I’d rather have five two-hour trips at peak fishing times than a single day-long outing offering only a couple hot windows.

Setting priorities also helps. If you really want to go fishing, then trade out some other less important free time to make it happen. For example, instead of flopping down on the couch and letting the boob tube steal two or three hours in the evening, use that time to get a few rods rigged and ready for a morning adventure.

Which brings up another trick for finding personal time. Get up early. Last weekend, for example, a full plate of projects had me booked—until I decided to rise before the sun and head for the lake for a soul-soothing sunrise on the lake.

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As a bonus, my son Jake shared my need to fish, and we enjoyed a great morning trip before he started work and I waded in to my other commitments. Funny thing was, instead of being tired out from the early wakeup, we were more recharged and ready to face the day than had we slept in.

One last thought. Being ready to roll at a moment’s notice is a big help in taking advantage of windows of opportunity. Keep a couple of key rods rigged and ready, along with a modest array of tackle stuffed into a bug-out bag. That way, when you have a chance to snag a few extra hours on the water, you can get fishing quick instead of wasting time trying to get your act together.

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