Multi-Species Triangle

Use this locational theory that several pro anglers have been employing for years and you'll catch more fish.

Seth Burill applies his Triangle Theory to pinpoint the biggest walleye, crappie, bass, pike, tiger muskie and lake trout that swim in Northwestern lakes reservoirs. The nucleus of the theory dawned on him while fishing for early prespawn crappies. He found a pile of huge crappie relating to a dock that was floating over 15 feet of water near a sharp drop-off.

The drop-off was an inside turn in a creek channel bend. He then fished other docks close to other inside turns and found that they, too, were loaded with crappies. Similar docks that were not near an inside bend were devoid of crappies.

As Burill’s Triangle Theory evolved, he realized that the inside turn was the tip of the triangle in many instances for bass, pike, tiger muskie, walleye and lake trout. The difference with walleye and lake trout is that they do not spawn in the same shallow areas that the other species do.

He refers to the stomping grounds for walleye and lake trout as a “hidden triangle.” The inside turns they inhabit during the summer and winter months are on the ends of long points or flats that extend far from shore.

When bass, crappie, pike and tiger muskie are not spawning or living it up in their deep summer haunts, they are somewhere between. This is where his Inside vs. Outside principle narrows the search.

If the water is less than 60 degrees, he looks for fish on the shallow half of the triangle. He begins at mid-triangle when the water warms to 45 degrees. If the water is warmer than 60 degrees, he plies the deeper half of the triangle. He ups the crux temperature to 70 degrees when fishing for bass.

Burill also devises “feeding triangles” for walleyes and lake trout. These triangles encompass feeding flats that these fish inhabit after they spawn.

By applying this theory, you can conceivably locate numbers of postspawn fish, but most of all the biggest fish in the system.

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