Boating Safety & Tips

Safety should be your first concern every time you launch your boat, not just for your own good, but every other boater on the water.

A few weeks ago, I was witness to a boating accident; this is something that will stick out in mind for a long time. Both of the boats sustained damage, but luckily for the four individuals, no one was injured. This incident could’ve been prevented by practicing some basic safety.

When a boat is approaching you head on, you should veer slightly, but decisively to starboard (right) and pass on the port (left) side. A helpful hint to remember which side is which, is Port has four letters and so does left.

  1. Have the current mapping chips for your GPS or a current paper map. This will ensure you know where you are at all times. A helpful tip I have found is to use the shallow water highlight feature on Humminbird unit and to set it at 3 feet, this way I know when and where it is safe to put the boat on plane.
  2. Have a clear line of vision at all times, this means keeping the deck of your boat clutter free and passengers out of your line of sight.
  3. When anchoring in a current, it’s normally safest to point the bow upstream and drop the anchor from the bow.
  4. With just a little over a month of summer left, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your favorite lake or river, so get out there, enjoy it and be safe!

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