Offshore Kayak Fishing

When fishing offshore, especailly from a kayak, safety should be your No. 1 concern!

I have spent the majority of my week fishing offshore from the kayak and the farthest I fished was 3 miles from the beach. This wasn’t my first time offshore in the kayak, but after being out consistently I started to realize how popular it has become and how many people are willing endure dragging their kayak up the beach. I talked to a few people and to my surprise very few of them understood the dangers.

If you’re going to partake in the madness, do it during the week and with someone. If you can’t drag someone along make sure you tell someone where you launched, where you’ll be and what time you plan on being back.

Have all your safety equipment easily accessible: Wear a PFD, VHF radio, whistle and a safety flag.

I’m from the southeast coast of Florida, and because the Gulf Stream is so close that’s where I fish. In reality you can’t really paddle/pedal back to your truck—the current is too strong. Once you’re in the stream making your drift you’re at the mercy of the water. Having two trucks one for launching and one for the pick-up is a must.

Unfortunately, every time I’m out there something goes unplanned. The drift goes from 2-knots, to 6-knots, to nothing, to a storm blowing me north and offshore. Things can get out of control very quickly regardless of what type of vessel you’re in.

Have a plan: Pick a safe and easy place to launch and pull out. Have your drift and wrecks/bottom structure picked out before hand with the numbers plugged into your GPS, Phone and/or fish finder. Sometimes you only get one chance to pass over something and you would hate to miss it.

Don’t be afraid, just be prepared and understand what you’re getting into. Safety is your No. 1 concern!

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