Keeping Your Rig Clean

Keeping your boat in tip-top shape during the season makes the final winterization process a snap!

With the short window we have here in the Midwest to enjoy summer, no one wants to spend time washing and waxing your boat, it is time consuming and takes away time from being on the water and catching fish!

But for me, I like to keep my boat looking good, not only does it make me feel at ease, but by keeping it clean, it decreases the amount of time it will take to give it that full showroom shine after my fishing season is over.

First step: I spray a water-spot remover on my rig as soon as I pull it out of the water. Water spots are not only ugly, but also after time they can harm the boat’s finish.

I will also wipe down my motor and Talons to keep them looking like new. I keep two spray bottles in the back of my truck with a pile of rags, this way my partner and I each take a side of the boat to speed this process up.

Paying close attention to your seats is also vital—they are expensive and no fun to replace. Using the damp rag that I just used for the boat can quickly wipe off any grim from the seats.

So next time you pull your boat out of the water, it is in your best interest to do some simple boat care now. Now you can get an extra fishing trip in later, rather than having to do a deep clean on your rig after the season.

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