Fish Quiz: Guess Species And Size

Even with help from your smartphone, you might have trouble with this fish quiz. But give it your best shot.

Shown above is the very happy Susan Lykes, who recently had the pleasure of a week-long fishing adventure with Bristol Bay Lodge in southwest Alaska.

Susan wrote on BBL’s Facebook page: “Just back from Alaska, where I caught my biggest ever Dolly Varden (by far). Life fish. It measured 30 inches in length, and the guide estimated its weight at 9.5 pounds. I sent it back into the river to get even bigger! :)”

When someone asked Susan for more specific info regarding the species and this fish’s size, she replied: “Dolly Varden are usually trout-sized, but they come out of the ocean into the streams to spawn much like a salmon. This is a pretty big one.”

Evidently, not only is Susan an excellent angler, but she’s also a master of the understatement. Click here for a more detailed explanation regarding the various species available to Bristol Bay Lodge anglers.

P.S. When you visit a place like BBL, you can’t stay in just because it’s pelting rain. Below is Susan releasing a fine fish during a downpour. And the good news about fishing in Alaska is if you don’t like the weather, it’ll probably change in 15 minutes, as shown by Susan’s flight-into-camp photo far below.

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