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Finding ‘Ol Faithful’ was a process of elimination and experimentation.

I’m no expert on fishing, but I’m true to my passion for always throwing artificials—no matter how difficult the bite. Almost two years ago I started fishing Mosquito Lagoon in Titusville, Florida. I had caught redfish before and fished the flats, but nothing compares to the fish’s level of stubbornness.

I’ve blogged about some of the baits I use, but I don’t think I’ve ever discussed Ol’ Faithful—please meet the Bitters Bait Naked Swimmer . Bitters is a soft plastic company out of Florida that caters mostly to freshwater. I started throwing Bitters in 2005 when I had a tournament in their area. I didn’t know much about them other then that’s what the locals used and that’s what I wanted to catch fish on.

I went into Bitters and picked a few colors that are more specific to the water I’m fishing—cooter brown became the winner. After a few months of hard fishing and learning specific locations and patterns I finally found myself an ‘Ol’ Faithful.’ Something I can work on a jig, something I could fan cast, something I could work as a topwater and something I could throw with a steady retrieve below the surface. One bait that offers me multiple presentations is key. It will give you more opportunities and allow you to cover more water.

Random fun fact: I paint black eyes on all my soft plastics.

This video will show a few redfish caught no the Bitters Naked Swimmer. Two of these three fish were caught fan casting the flat and one was caught site casting. Enjoy!

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