Do You Recognize This Famous Angler?

Hint: He’s most well-known for his fishing exploits through the ice, but he can certainly hammer them during the soft-water season, too. Do you know him?

The man behind the shades in the photo above isn’t as famous nationwide as anglers such as KVD and Ike, but travel far enough north—places where anglers walk or drive on the water during winter—and the name Dave Genz is sure to ring a bell.

Genz pioneered the use of electronics for fishing through the ice, and a big part of that system was his “Blue Box,” which was used as a platform for transporting a flasher and battery (see photo below).

Another critical component of Genz’s fishing system was his invention called the Fish Trap (small shelter in photo below). This ultra-portable ice shelter allowed Genz to quickly and easily move from spot to spot on the ice, and it provided necessary shelter from cold and wind.

Genz, a member of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame , spends spring, summer and fall on the water, too, and two of his favorite species are smallmouth bass and sunfish. And just like in the winter, when it comes to catching fish on soft water, Genz is tough to beat.

Editor’s note: If you ever have the chance to attend an ice fishing seminar by Dave Genz, we highly recommend it. Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll see that fame—up north fame at least—hasn’t changed Mr. Humble one bit.

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