Stone Cold Ice Gear

Among the new ice fishing gear available this year are these four standouts that serious hardwater anglers will want to know about.

Berkley Gulp! Euro Larvae

The newest member of Berkley’s Micro Baits family, which includes hardwater standouts like Waxies and 1-inch Fish Fry, the Gulp! Euro Larvae is perfect for varied hardwater duties ranging from tipping featherweight jigs and spoons to advanced slip-float tactics. Oozing with Berkley’s proven Gulp! formula, these dainty, biodegradable bite mongers come packed in convenient, re-sealable zipper bags in 150-count strings, and are available in eight colors. $3.99.

Clam Dave Genz Ice Spooler Elite

Brainchild of iconic iceman Dave Genz, this smooth, fly-style setup boosts retrieval rates, line management and overall handling. Sold as a combo, it includes a 2+1 ball bearing Ice Spooler Elite Reel with an extended foot, a reliable dial drag that makes palming unnecessary, 2.3:1 gear ratio and an EVA handle. Available in 22-, 25- and 28-inch lengths in ultra-light, light and medium-light powers, the solid graphite rod features a woven graphite butt section and up-locking reel seat, and is tricked out with a cork handle and foregrip. $69.99.

Lindy Perch Talker

Deadly on jumbo perch, the Lindy Perch Talker packs multiple attractants. Colored brass beads and discs click, rattle, reflect light and displace water when jigged, appealing to predators’ sight, hearing and lateral lines. When fish move in for a closer look, bait dangling on the red treble at the end of the 2-inch dropper chain seals the deal. Available in two sizes and six color combinations. $4.99.

Northland Glo-Buster UV LED Flashlight

Glow lures need charging to attract fish, and this slick little number stokes phosphorescent finishes fast. Twelve ultra-violet LED bulbs provide 200 percent more firepower than traditional lights, fueling quick recharges that yield colorful, long-lasting performances sure to garner glowing reviews. Powered by three AAA batteries. $12.99.

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