De-Stink Or Not?

Keep the human stink away from your baits and you’ll catch more fish.

As with any hobby/sport there are hot-button topics. With fishing, the use of scent on your bait is one of those discussions.

Some anglers will only use plastic baits that come with a certain scent impregnation. Why is this? Well, it’s about confidence. If you are confident in a particular bait, you’ll fish it correctly, and in turn get more bites.

Scent adds to a lure’s effectiveness, I’m confident in that. But, what about the scent we leave on baits such as gasoline, oil, body wash, etc.? These smells are not natural either and can actually turn a fish off.

I begin any fishing trip the same way, I’ll clean my hands of any foreign smells before I rig rods for that trip. I prefer an odorless hand cleaner.

I like the Dead Down Wind Field Wipes as their enzyme technology eliminates human and other unwanted foreign odors. These wipes are also great to use at the end of the day to remove the unwanted fish smell from your hands.

Using a scent on your bait does have some other benefits:

  1. Covers up any remaining unnatural smells
  2. Places a natural occurring smell on the bait
  3. Provides some lubrication on the bait for it to slide easily through the heavy cover.

As you and your fishing partner hit the water next time, see how your fishing trip goes if you eliminate those unnatural smells first and then play around with scents to see how your fishing day goes.

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