Yo-Zuri’s New Mag Series

A unique internal weight-transfer system in the Mag Series baits maximizes casting distances, then locks in to produce a solid fish-attracting action on the retrieve.

What weight-transfer baits have in common is a movable weight that slides or rolls rearward on the cast, stabilizing the lure through its flight and adding many feet to any cast. Yo-Zuri took things a step farther by incorporating a magnet that secures the ball weights in the lure’s belly to produce an irresistible wiggling action that mimics a wounded baitfish.

Available soon at tackle shops, the Mag Minnow comes in floating and sinking versions in a tantalizing array of colors and pattenrs, with large holographic 3D eyes.

The new Mag Darter incorporates the same Magnetic Weight Transfer System, but is a shallow-diving lipless lure that darts side-to-side on the retrieve, imitating the evasive maneuvers a fleeing baitfish makes when trying to elude a predator.

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