Fishing Blooper: Bass Pro Kills A $60 Bait

Even at the top levels expensive mistakes get made that the rest of us can laugh at until we make the same mistake.

Bass pro Chad Morgenthaler is heck of a great angler, but even the sport's top pros make their share of mistakes—like unhinging a fish on the swing or destroying a $60 bait!

What? A $60 bait?

Yes, sir.


First, the bait he accidentally destroys is no longer manufactured, at least in its truly "original" form. New versions of the bait still catch fish, but many bass anglers maintaining the legacy lure's erratic tracking just triggers more bites. So, serious crankbait-heads stay tuned to eBay on a daily basis for lots of new-old stock baits, some fetching hundreds of dollars.


Now add the fact that Morgenthaler has a guy who custom-paints the baits to his exact pattern specifications, and the dollars and cents add up.

Pretty easy to understand his dismay at the mistake. We'd be shaking our heads, too.


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