Beach Launchin’ The ‘Yak

Launching from a beach is not as easy as it may sound. Practice and learn to use the surf to your advantage.

Launching your kayak in the surf can go two ways: “That’s right y'all I’m a pro!” or “AH!!” sand to the face! One by one your beautifully tackle collection has just soaked itself in the saltwater. To be honest—knock on wood—I have yet to flip my kayak. I have come close quite a few times.

Rule #1: Make sure all your tackle has a home and it’s safely secured. I suggest you have a crate of some sort that will allow you to run the kayak bungees through the sides for a solid tie-down. Do the same for your rods!

Rule #2: Never allow yourself to get sideways in the surf—this is where trouble happens. Unfortunately, this isn't often avoidable, and will require your attention and experience. Try to time the launch and return with the waves. Ride just behind a wave on your return, so you don't get tramped in the trough.

Rule #3: Know the weather conditions—use the weather to help you get to where you want to go, but be aware of the days when it can hurt you. The wind and waves are always your biggest enemy in these situations.

Don’t allow launching from the beach intimidate you, especially in South Florida. We have the greatest locations for offshore kayak fishing. Take your time, there’s no reason to rush and risk loosing or damaging tackle and gear.

Don't forget if you have any questions or suggestions, please visit and give me a shout!

Get Out & Fish!


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