Pond Talk

Time on the water with my children is rarely only about fishing...

“Dad how old were you when you started to like fishing?”

“Did you have a pond you could go to when you were growing up?”

“That big fishing pole in the basement that was your Grandpa’s: What did he catch with it?”

The answer to those questions don’t matter to you, but they meant a great deal to Autumn, my 7-year-old daughter. She listened carefully to the stories that went with each as I paddled her around the pond and we both cast toward the shore. After she processed them a bit, some of my answers led to more questions.

I think she especially liked knowing that I was around her age when I first started fishing.

I enjoyed sharing stories about when I was a little fisherman. In truth we could have talked about anything, though. I just liked being out on the pond on a summer evening, as the sun was setting, and teaming up to try to outwit a few bass or bluegills.

“You know, Dad, I really like fishing,” Autumn said as I paddled the johnboat to the bank just before dark. And when we got home she added. “Thank you for taking me fishing. That was really, really fun.”

We caught a few fish, by the way, but that didn’t really matter at all.

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