Tungsten Jigs = More Fall Bass

Jigs have long been known as big fall bass producers, but these jigs catch more.

Over the past couple years, bass-jig makers have been playing with head shape, style and construction materials for more versatility and better bait control.

One of best moves has been incorporating tungsten into bass jig-head design.

First, like a telegraph, tungsten transmits bottom composition better than lead and other materials. You know if you’re on hard bottom with tungsten. Same goes for bites—even the lightest “ticks” are felt.

Tungsten heads are also about half the size of lead jig heads, which means they pull easier through cover. I’ve learned first hand just how easy these 3/8-ounce jigs pull through grass … places difficult to fish with regular jigs. ‘Course, that translates to covering more water faster, a big deal in tournament situations.

Lastly, tungsten jigs fall fast, straight and true, often the ticket to scoring reaction bites. Want to slow down the fall? Just add a wider trailer.

My new favorite isthese tungsten footballs, which should score big on ledges and deep water this fall.

This small one-man operation has some of the newest and coolest tungstens out there. The guy’s a tournament angler himself and says his mission is simple: “I want to provide the best bass fishing products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.”

Gotta like that.

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