Creek Detours

Creeks hold some of the finest, and most overlooked fishing opportunities in America.

I’m not very good at driving past creeks, especially creeks lend themselves well to wet wading and hold trout or smallmouth bass.

When I know I’ll be traveling with at least a little time to spare (which happens to be the case today), I typically pull up the route on Google Maps, just to see what streams are close to the path. More often than not, some stream I’ve often dreamed about but have never even visited grabs my attention.

I’m Tennessee bound today – traveling to Dayton to spend a few days fishing for bass and crappie on Lake Chickamauga. It turns out there’s a lot of stuff that’s pretty close to the best route, including the entire Tellico River watershed and some little streams in the Hiwassee River drainage.

With creek fish in mind, I’ve tossed a few ultralights, a box of hair jigs and small topwater plugs, my wading boots and a trout stream guidebook in my car. That’s my normal approach for drive-by stream fishing. I keep the gear minimal so it’s simple to find a pull-off, change into my boots, grab a rod and scurry down to the water. I might fish for 10 minutes or three hours, but I learn about that stream and get it out of my system (at least for that day).

I don’t know quite where I’ll end up fishing today, but I’m pretty sure I need to get on the road early to leave plenty of time for exploration.

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