Staying Warm, Dry And Alert

Comfort means more time on the water and that means more fish. Dress correctly and you’ll do just that!

It is no secret that fall fishing, for any species, can be truly amazing! From catching a limit of walleye to battling with big large- and smallmouth bass, you need to be on the water in the fall!

To take advantage of these great opportunities you need to be on the water as often as possible and conditions are consistently uncomfortable. From cooler temperatures to strong winds, chilly rain and even snow—the gear you wear in the fall, keeps you warm, dry and most importantly safe on the water.

Here is a look at some of the cold weather gear I’ll wear in the fall:

Simms ProDry Jacket & Bib , this keeps me dry and acts as a windbreaker. Beneath this I’ll wear a base layer to keep my core insulated, followed by an insulated jacket to keep me warm during the chilly mornings. On my feet I’ll wear a pair of LaCrosse Gridline boots with mid-weight socks, this keep my feet warm and dry.

  1. Pack a dry set of clothes in a waterproof Plano box. This way, should you get wet; you can quickly dry off and put on some warm clothes.
  2. I always pack and have on hand several sets of gloves and hand warmers. That way I can put the hand warmer packets in my pockets to give them some warmth when taking a break from casting and when a pair of gloves gets damp, I can put on a dry pair.
  3. Making it back to the ramp is every angler’s goal, which is why wearing an inflatable life jacket is important. I can fish in comfort and effectively all day in this and know that if I would fall in, I would stay afloat.

Take a look at the ScoutLook Weather app before you head out that day, to make sure there isn’t a bad weather front moving and so you know how to dress for that day.

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