Improper Fishing Terms

It kills me to hear all the improper fishing terms out there. Here’s a little guide to correcting fishing talk.

We all know the folks who just can’t grasp correct fishing lingo. It might even be a friend, or if you’re like me and you live in South Florida, you’re surrounded by these people. The majority of my time is spent dissecting improper fishing terms—made up names that just don’t mean what they are supposed to.

Let’s begin with my least favorite fishing term on planet earth: Deep Sea.

Now, I’ve asked everyone from all over our country where this term came from and not a single person can give me an answer, yet it’s the most commonly misused term. Actually, I shouldn't even say it’s improper, because technically I’m sure the Discovery Channel uses it. Either way, to be part of the fishing community I highly advise discarding that lame term from your vocabulary.


This isn’t 1708, we don’t use string to fish with. You will find “line” at the store and you will fish with fishing line. Mono, braid, fluorocarbon are also respected terms when referring to fishing line.

Mustad Hooks, pronounced “Must-Add”, not Mustard.

Mustad has been around since 1832 and here we are today still referring to this company as a condiment.

Eyes Vs Guides

Eyes: the things on your face that allow you to see the guides on your rod. Guide: to force (a person, object, or animal) to move in a certain path.

That seems like the exact purpose for those round things on your rod, to guide your line in a certain direction—hopefully in the direction of a tailing redfish.

Work with me people!

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