Leave Largemouths A Wake Up Call

Frogs? Check!—Buzzbaits? Check!—Wake Baits? If these lures aren’t part of your fall bassin’ arsenal, you’re missing out on fish.

It’s early to mid-fall across largemouth territory, and arguably the time of the year for throwing buzzbaits, hollow and solid frogs, poppers and chuggers. Another class of lures—wake baits—have a place on that list.

Swimming on or slightly under the surface, wake baits offer bass a look that’s different from the topwaters and shallow-diving cranks upon which anglers heavily rely this time of year. Plus, they produce in clear or stained water.

Among the newest wake baits is Storm Lure’s Arashi Wake Crank, a lure professional bass fisherman Brandon Palaniuk says is, “a great search bait—perfect for calling in fish. Designed to run just under the surface with a hard, rolling action, it creates a pronounced tail kick that makes a wake that really gets their attention.”

Making long casts over submerged and/or scattered shallow cover, or along a weedline, is an effective strategy. The lure’s pronounced wake and rolling swimming action attracts bass from long distances, so the longer it’s in the water during a retrieve, the better.

The Arashi also has a single ball bearing rattle that produces a unique sound and vibration. And like all lures in the Arashi series, the Wake Crank features a thin, yet durable, circuit board bill along with the exclusive self-tuning line tie. The bill accentuates the bait’s action while the line tie means it’ll always run true.

A wake bait might not be the first lure you tie on when you’re targeting autumn largemouths, but there’s a fair chance it’ll be the last one.

Video: Fishing Wake Baits

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