Speed Freak!

This new baitcaster in the Smoke PT family is the fastest in Quantum’s history.

Originally launched in 2010, Quantum’s Smoke PT family of reels caught on with anglers across the country because of their light weight, smooth performance and affordable price.

For 2015, the company has added a barn-burner to the lineup. The new Smoke Speed Freak baitcaster boasts an 8.1:1 gear ratio and spools a blazing 35 inches of line with every turn of the handle!

Hyper-fast reels offer plenty of advantages, one of the most important being increased efficiency. The ability to burn a lure back after it’s left the strike zone means more casts per hour of fishing, which greatly improves the odds of connecting with fish.

The Speed Freak ($199) weighs in at 6.4 ounces, despite featuring a larger main gear and Quantum’s Tuned Carbon Stainless Ceramic drag system that resists heat and warping, and is rated at a hefty 25 pounds.

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