Dress To Kill—The Cold!

Don the right clothing in the proper order and you’ll stop cold weather dead—and stay on the water longer.

Autumn, right up to early winter, is prime fishing time, but wet, cold, snotty weather can make taking advantage of the amazing action that comes with the season a painful proposition. There’s a simple strategy, however, that’ll help you endure. Dress to kill—the cold, that is—with a multi-layered program.

Layering your apparel properly is the simplest and most beneficial thing you can do to defeat the most evil enemy—moisture. It attacks from within and from without, and if you let it get to you, you’re done. Simple as that.

Here are three simple steps to correct layering:

1. Base Layer: The layer of clothing that goes next to your skin must have the ability to wick moisture away from your body to keep it dry. Polyester, polypropylene or mixture of synthetic and natural fibers will do the trick. The base layer should fit snugly, but not tight, so it can quickly move moisture away from the skin.

2. Insulation layer: This layer traps body heat and should fit more loosely without being baggy. It needs to maintain contact with the base layer to do its job. Fleece, wool and synthetic down are all good choices. In extremely cold conditions, a second insulation layer can be added, which also provides the opportunity to shed a layer if overheating threatens.

3. Outer or Shell layer: The Shell blocks wind and moisture (rain, sleet, snow) from getting in, while at the same time allowing body moisture to escape. Thus, breathable material is a must. It also needs to be rugged; any small rip or tear will defeat the layering system.

Finally, make sure the layers don’t fit so tightly that blood circulation or body motion is impaired.


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