Biggest Walleye Ever Caught On Video?

Here’s a sweet video of one of the largest walleyes ever caught on film.

What can you do to stack the odds of catching a monster walleye ?

For starters, fish where monster walleyes live. Like the Columbia River, home to perhaps more 10 plus pound walleyes than anywhere in the world.

Second, fish at night when big walleyes are actively feeding, like during a couple days before, during and immediate after full moon phases in October and November.

Combine location and timing and yes, you have a shot at a real giant. Of course, there are other walleye waters across the country that churn out 30-plus-inch fish, but generally not 13-, 14-, 15- or 16-pound fish like this one!

Although shot some five years ago, this Angler’s Xperience video may still be the largest walleye ever caught on video.

But they get even bigger. In fact, the Washington State record stands at 19.3 pounds. And several 18s have been caught over the past two years, the majority from a stretch of water just below the mouth of the Snake River, an area many believe could hold the next world record walleye.

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