Motor Maintenance: Fuel Tips

Preventative outboard maintenance now will save you time and emotional turmoil on the water.

As you prep your boat for the next outing, it is very important to take a close look at the fuel system. Small preventive measures now, can you help you avoid some serious headaches when you're actually out to catch fish

I make sure that the fuel tank is topped off with fresh fuel as often as possible, which eliminates empty space and reduces condensation buildup. I will also add a fuel stabilizer product into my tank, such as the Mercury Quickstor--even in the spring! This stabilizes fuel and prevents corrosion in your fuel system.

When it comes to selecting the right kind of fuel, here are a couple of options to avoid!



Gum and varnish build-up

Phase separation


Fuel breakdown and oxidation



This is why I rely on the Mercury Fuel Care System products, to keep my Optimax Pro XS Outboard running in top shape. By taking the time now and spending a little money on these products, I’m keeping my boat on the water and not in the shop for costly repairs.

Step 1: Quickare—Add to every fill-up

Helps maximize engine performance, by controlling corrosion, gum and varnish build-up. I keep a bottle of this in my boat at all times, so I can quickly add it every time I fill up my Ranger gas tank.

Step 2: Quickleen—Add throughout the boating season

Aggressively cleans carbon deposits from your motor, prevents engine knocking and extends your spark plug life. I typically like to add this every two weeks or every four fill ups.

Also, try purchase gas from known and trusted sources, and always make sure your fuel cap is on tight, this will keep foreign matter from getting in to the tank.

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