Tackle Storage Made Simple—And Cheap

Sometimes the most genius ideas can be born out of recycled materials. Even those never meant for fishing gear.

Last week I traveled North to Minneapolis to work on some really neat new projects with Clam and the Ice Team. I’ll be honest it is a little bit difficult to think about ice fishing when the lake temps are still just over sixty degrees back home, but it does come quicker than we expect.

I managed to crash with a long-time industry friend and was able to catch up with stuff old fishing buddies do. What impressed me the most was how he stored his fishing rods.

Just above the spot in his garage where his Ranger boat sits he installed two pieces of garden fencing suspended from the rafters. While he was quick to admit he borrowed the idea from another fisherman, I still thought it was the coolest idea for rod storage I’d ever seen.

For just a few bucks he is able to keep rods from getting tangled, damaged, yet readily accessible as he works in his boat. No more getting in and out of the boat twenty times to switch things before or after a trip.

Sometimes simple and inexpensive solutions are also the best.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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