Clam Ice Shelter Preview

The hardwater season is still weeks away, but it’s not too early to check out the all-new shelters Clam will put on the ice this winter.

Clam offers an extensive lineup of flip-over and hub-style portable ice fishing shelters that protect an angler’s hide from sub-zero temperatures and cutting wind. Here’s a peek at what’s to come:

Kenai Pro, Scout XLTC, XL Thermal

Scout XLTC

Three new models in the Clam one-person Fish Trap series are out for next ice season: the Kenai Pro, Scout XLTC and the Scout XL Thermal. The Kenai Pro boasts an all-new, lightweight and deeper tub with a corner console for right- or left-hand users. It offers 11 square feet of fishable area and a center height of 64 inches, and weighs just 45 pounds.

The Scout XLTC (thermal cap) and the Scout XL Thermal (full thermal) feature a new tub design that provides 23 percent more usable space, plus an upgraded mesh seat that slides front-to-back. Both models offer 11 square feet of fishable area and 56 inches of headroom. The Scout XL has a full thermal skin, which adds 8 pounds to the overall weight (54 pounds).

X2 Pro Thermal, Runner Thermal

X2 Pro Thermal

With an increased full-thermal shell, the two-person X2 Pro is built for winter diehards who fish big water and/or sneer at the thought of staying home when the weather grows teeth. Made for towing with an ATV or snowmobile, the pro-level shelter is extremely durable, with 1800 Denier fabric and 1¼-inch support poles. It’s 76-inch center height is matched with 24 square feet of fishing space.

The Runner Thermal is meant for anglers who need a little extra room to stretch. The one-person flip-over provides 15 square feet of fishable area, with more room out front to accommodate longer ice rods. Its 76-inch center height is perfect for anglers who prefer to do their fighting stand-up style.

Vista Thermal, Six Pack 1660 Mag Thermal

Vista Thermal

Two new hub-style shelters, the Vista Thermal and Six Pack 1660 Mag Thermal, are great for keeping the family or fishing crew warm and comfortable in harsh winter conditions. With a 6x6-foot footprint, the Vista Thermal will keep two or three anglers warm with Full Thermal Trap Technology that retains heat and reduces condensation.

When the fishing party grows to five to seven anglers, the Six Pack 1660 is the way to go. It provides 94 square feet of fishing space and 7½ feet of headroom. Like the Vista, it features Full Thermal Trap Technology. Six convenient ice anchor straps and new strap pockets assist to keep it anchored securely, as does the oversized skirt for snow banking.

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