What Does A Bass Pro Do On His Day Off?

Bass Pro Jim Moynagh fishes in tournaments all over North America. So what does Jim do when he’s home in Minnesota and the kids are at school and his wife is at the office? He hangs a Gone Fishin’ sign on the front door and hits his favorite home waters.

We editors at North American Fisherman have known Jim for a long time, so we’re sure he wouldn’t mind if we shared a few of his recent first-person fishing reports with you. Perhaps you can compare what he’s been discovering in southern Minnesota to your local bass lakes.

October 16
With the balmy fall weather today, I couldn't resist launching the Ranger Snickers boat and trying for some largemouths around my house. Best five would have weighed around 23 pounds. All were caught on an All-Terrain Swim Jig. The bass pictured below measured 21 inches long and weighed about 6 pounds. It was the biggest of the day, and the biggest Minnesota bass I've caught in 5 years. I also landed a 34-inch northern pike!

October 19
Took in a little afternoon fishing near home today. Tanked a limit of small crappies (9-inchers) for a meal and caught just one bass (19.75 inches). Water temps were in the mid-50s. Crappies in 20-25 feet. The bass was in 5 feet holding in dying lilypads; an All-Terrain Swim Jig scored the chunky bass. I've been fishing my swim jig on a flippin stick with 16-pound Gamma fluorocarbon.

October 22
Fall bass fishing still going strong here in Minnesota. These next few days and including the upcoming weekend should continue to be awesome with balmy air temperatures forecasted. Water temps were around 54 degrees today, basically the same as last time out. In 5 hours of bass fishing today, I caught about 20, with the best five weighing 20 pounds total. The biggest one measured 20 inches, which means it weighed in the 5-pound range. How do I not go everyday through the weekend?! Two lures caught all the bass: an All-Terrain Swim Jig and a medium-running crankbait. I also caught two northern pike on the crank, both of which will be eaten by my family in the near future!

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