Understanding Drag: Part 4

The kind of drag you choose will largely determine how well you fight each fish.

In this next segment I’m going to discuss different types of drag. One of the biggest debate is: which manufacture should I buy from and why? What makes a reel $70 vs $200? Am I just paying for the name?

I encourage you to start dissecting your reels and look past the manufacture name. Rather learn what design is best suited to your style of fishing. In this: Case drag systems. It will definitely play a roll in the price range and longevity.

Beyond the snazzy trade names, each manufactures drag systems will vary—most modern drags will come down to just a few materials. Higher quality reels, will have higher quality washers, materials and design can cause the price variance, and visa-versa.

I’ve attached as much information as I could possibly find on each manufactures system and material. These should help immensely understand each design. If there’s a manufacture that I didn’t mention (which there are plenty) and you would like the following information, give me a shout and I’ll do my best to retrieve it.

There’s some really great information within these file and from my experience there is no such thing as a completely sealed drag.

I’m going to add the baitcaster and spinning maintenance instructions, because each of them has some info regarding the drag systems.

Lower profile baitcasters


Daiwa: Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) and Super Drag

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