Fishing Season?

The fishing season never really ends, and that’s a wonderful thing!

A northern friend recently asked me when my bass fishing season would start next year, and I wasn’t sure how to answer. A start would suggest something having ended, and that doesn’t really happen in my fishing world.

He didn’t mean legal bass seasons. He understands that bass stay open year ‘round in the South, and in truth he knows I never really hang up my rods. More so, he was talking about fishing-related travel, spring tournament coverage, and such. Same answer, though. I have two bass trips planned for November and other stuff in the works for December and continuing into the New Year.

Maybe it stems from growing up in Florida, where I stood on the banks of the same ponds and cast the same plastic worms 12 months a year. Maybe it’s because I travel a lot and could be pointed north to ice-fish or south to target Texas sea trout any given winter week. Maybe it’s because I’m not a hunter, so no other season takes annual precedence over fishing.

For whatever reason—or combination of reasons—I simply don’t think of fishing in terms of a season that ever ends. I just alter my approaches and destination choices according to the time of the year.

I do know it is cold season and that some nasty bug had me hunkered down in the house most of last week. That means I haven’t been on the water for about a week. I guess I’ll say that was my offseason and that now is the time for my fishing to start anew.

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