Make Hay

There are times when being on the water is the first priority. Don’t let adverse conditions keep you from it!

The last week or so has been pretty tough fishing by Lake Erie standards. The fish have been biting in small windows and you have to be doing the right thing at the right place when they do decide to bite, or you are in for an even longer day.

The advantage of these finicky fish this time of year is that roughly 50 percent of the fish boated have been picture takers. The disadvantage is that if you aren’t an angler that has a “deer hunter’s patience”, it might not be the time of year for you.

Those that can exhibit some patience can be rewarded with literally the fish of a lifetime. For most species the cool water periods definitely have spells where you feel like you are “fishing” more than you are catching.

I could see I was losing one of the guys (after a couple hours of no bites) and told him to hang in there that this was the place and time where the big ones get caught. Long story short we literally woke him up and he managed to land one of what ended up being a double…it was over 10 pounds.

One of the biggest walleyes I ever caught came on a day where the conditions were less than perfect and we only caught three fish, one just happened to be over 15 pounds!

The moral of the story is regardless of what species you fish for enjoy your time on the water and fish hard until the final bell. At some point and likely when you least expect it you will be rewarded.

You gotta make hay while the sun is shining. After all, we will be iced up in my neck of the woods before long.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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