Big Year Of Big Fish

My son managed to catch a few very nice fish this year and I’m bragging about it!

This is the first year since he was born that my 6-year-old son really lit up about fishing. This is exactly what I wished for since that fateful day in November nearly 7 years ago. I’m pretty proud of him, if you can’t tell.

We fished for blugills, crappies, perch, bass, pike and even muskies. There is still a bit of time remaining to get on the water before ice-up, but if it ended today I’d say his season was a success. Although, I’m still trying to get a muskie rounded up for him!

He caught a 5-pound bass on a DT-6, a 30-inch pike on the same bait and several other impressive fish. The addiction has set in as I often catch him playing with his growing lure selection in the tub, or even kitchen sink if Mom isn't around.

I think we may have a pretty good angler growing up here. He’s really catching on with the artificial approach, which is something very noteworthy for a kid at that age. We’ll see!

Here’s a video of him catching a nice bass earlier this summer.


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