Editor’s Top 5 Gifts For Anglers

Great gift ideas for you and the other fishermen you know.

In a few short weeks the Holiday season will be here, bringing with it the typical demands on your time and attention. To streamline the process, here are 5 ideas for your wish list, or for your fishing family members and friends. They were selected by the editors of North American Fisherman magazine especially for people with a true passion for fishing, and the prices listed are exclusive to North American Fishing Club members.

1. Fenwick EliteTech Smallmouth Rod & Pflueger Patriarch Reel
The EliteTech rod ($129.95) and Patriarch reel ($199.95) are a perfect match for each other, but separately will still elevate any angler’s fishing experience. The reason: Each one is incredibly light, but the advanced materials used to build them, and the technology bred into each, make them exceptionally powerful, durable and sensitive—everything a diehard angler looks for in a rod-and-reel.

2. Stormr Fusion Jacket & Bibs

Wet and cold! Two things that’ll surely bring misery to any fishing trip. Stormr’s new Fusion Jacket ($259.95) and Fusion Bibs ($259.95) set the bar, however, for lightweight raingear that deflects the elements. The jacket’s wind-and waterproof, breathable shell is paired with high-stretch neoprene panels for ultimate comfort. The bibs are just as weatherproof, with wide, adjustable straps, splash-proof hand warmers and more.

3. Berkley Aluminum Pliers

A true multi-tasker, the 7-inch Aluminum Pliers ($49.99) allows an angler to remove hooks, tighten nuts and part any type of fishing line. Plus it features a crimper and split-ring snout—all in one tool that rests in a handy belt holster so you don’t have to search and dig at a critical moment.

4. Garmin Virb Elite Camera

With the Virb Elite ($279.99), your favorite angler can capture the ultimate Action Selfie to share with family and friends. Lightweight and easy to use, the camera shoots in true 1080 HD video, and up to 16 megapixel still photos. It captures memories as they unfold.

5. Wiley X Gravity Sunglasses
The removable facial cavity gasket stops wind, dust and light from reaching your orbs, but the big selling point with the WX Gravity shades ($140) is lens quality. Vision is crystal clear, and the military-grade lens material protects your eyes from flying lures, hooks and sinkers without shattering.

Make things simple by ordering any one of these items, or choose from many others, at the North American Fisherman Store.

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