Paint It To Save it

A little paint on the bottom of your boat or enclosed trailer will go a long ways in keeping it in fine working order.

They say preparation is the key to success, and I have found that to be true in fishing. Sometimes this also relates not only to fishing itself, but taking care of the indirect equipment. Let’s face it, everything is getting more expensive. A little time, elbow grease and know-how will make sure your gear functions flawlessly for more than just a few years.

On a recent blow day from the lake I took a few hours to take care of a new enclosed trailer. While it is made from aluminum, the floorboards only last so long with road salt and standard wear and tear.

A simple and inexpensive way to help slow this breaking down process is to paint the bottom of the trailer where the road salt cakes it on. Not many of us climb under a trailer in the winter months to check things out.

Yes, you could even use a truck bed liner, but simply sealing the bottom with less than a gallon of inexpensive paint is wayyyyyy better than nothing.

Make sure to get all of the creases, especially near the wheel wells where a lot of the road grime gets kicked up.

This same ideology could even apply to your boat trailer. Don’t be afraid to do the same thing to the axel and other areas that quickly rust or breakdown.

A little effort can go a long way to keeping your get looking and performing great.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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