New Kids In Town

Here’s a new bass-fishing combo that deserves a spot in your starting lineup, especially if you love to set the hook!

If you live for the subtle pop of the line, reeling down and setting the hook hard enough to cross your mother’s eyes, there’s a new bass rod-and-reel combo that deserves a closer look.

In today’s technological age, anglers have so many quality options at their fingertips. And, let’s be honest, it has made the decision making process much easier, which in turn makes for more time and more fish.

Not only does the right combo add to an angler’s effectiveness, but it’s just a lot more fun.

After all the science went into developing these fancy new rigs, the editors at North American Fisherman have had the chance to test many of them. Here is one of our favorites that easily makes the cut.


Fenwick's new Elite Tech Bass series rods will easily find a place in your rod locker.

As the innovator of technique-specific rods Fenwick introuduced the “Flippin’ Stik’ back in 1976. Since, the Elite Tech line has brought the balance to anglers’ rod lockers and continues to push the limits of technologically advanced fishing rods.

In 2012 Field and Stream selected a Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth rod as the Best of the Best Winner for spinning rods, but the line included every type of rod that a dedicated smallie fanatic might need. They are killer rods, even for a largemouth angler. But, as one might expect Fenwick realized a largemouth-specific line was warranted.

Introducing the Fenwick Elite Tech Bass series:

Each rod comes standard with deep-pressed Ti guides with lightweight zirconium inserts and with a combination of TAC and EVA handle construction the rod handle is extremely comfortable—and attractive.

With 13 applications available, finding the right rod for your preferred technique will be a snap. The available technique-specific rods available are: Topwater, 2 spinnerbait rods, a general purpose stick, 2 jig and rig rods, a standard crank and a deep crankbait rod, worm, flipping, frog and an A-rig rod. In short, you’ll be covered.


The new Pflueger Patriarch XT is sure to impress!

We all know that the best matches are made in Heaven, and this sweet bass rod has the perfect mate.

Meet the Pflueger Patriarch XT. Not only does this blonde bombshell look good securely fastened to the reel seat of the Elite Tech, but as a tournament-grade, low-profile baitcaster, it performs as you would expect.

The reel weighs 5.8 ounces, comes in a 6.4:1 gear ratio and can carry 145 yards of 12-pound test. The design doesn’t stop with it’s looks: There is a non-detachable cam locking sideplate allowing for quick brake adjustments without the risk of loosing the sideplate.

It also comes standard with 10 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing built to sustain daily on-the-water abuse.

We’ve put this combo to the test and can speak to it’s innovation, durability and application. If hardcore bass fishing is your thing, this is a rod-and-reel combo that should be a top choice on the deck of your boat.

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