Night Lights

Some of the best bites of the season occur after hours. Grab your headlamp and prepare for some outstanding fall fishing.

If you live in one of those places where ice has begun covering lakes, talk of November night-fishing in a boat might sound wacky. However, in the mind of Alabama bass pro Scott Canterbury, there’s no better time to go out under the stars to catch bass.

Canterbury night-fishes throughout summer and fall, but late autumn typically delivers his best catches of the big spotted bass that Alabama is famous for.

I got to do bit of night fishing with Canterbury on Tennessee’s Dale Hollow Lake a couple of weeks ago. It was at media event, and the night outing followed a long full, day of photo work and dinner, so we only slipped out for a little while. That was enough to feel the thump of a big Colorado blade, enjoy quiet of the night and catch a couple of smallmouths.

It gave me the opportunity to check out Canterbury’s favorite night-fishing accessory, which he had been telling me about earlier—the Punisher Lures Cast & Glo Super Light

A compact unit that houses banks of LED lights, the Super Light can shine 170 degrees of UV black light or a split of black light and green light to effectively illuminate the bank you’re casting toward. A mini bank of white lights that point into the boat provides light when needed for tying knots, adding trailers, unhooking fish and such.

For folks who enjoy getting out after the sun goes down, the Super Light is super cool. Even if night-fishing season has passed on your home waters, it might be something to check out and add to a Christmas list.

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