The Right Hooks 101: Part 2

Here’s the second installment of making the right hook choice.

Last week we took a look at the general purpose hooks in the bass fishing world, the Extra Wide Gap (EWG) and the Straight Shank Worm Hook. In this week’s blog we are going to closely examine the wide array of specialty hooks that were designed for specific plastic baits.

Specialty Hooks: Hook manufactures such as Lazer TroKar have developed their line of hooks based off of input from anglers on creating specific hooks for a given technique used to catch bass. Regardless if you are a tournament bass angler, die hard angler or just a weekend fisherman, I urge you to check out what the company has to offer because they will allow your plastic baits to perform better in the water and will increase your hooking percentage greatly. Here is a brief rundown of some popular technique specific hooks.

Tube baits: I’ve writen about tubes being one of my key baits for bass fishing and how the Eagle Claw HP Tube hook was so vital to my success. Well now Lazer TroKar has introduced a tube hook that utilizes the same design as the HP, but the TroKar Barb is being used. Using a hook such as this or another hook designed for tubes is important since a tube has two walls of plastic for the hook to penetrate.

Swimbait: The soft plastic swimbait has grown to be a mainstay lure in many bass anglers’ arsenal. The two key characteristics of a swimbait hook is some sort of a plastic keeper, an angled hook eye and possibly a weight on the bend of the hook.

Flipping: Without a doubt one of the most sought after specialty hooks on the market is a flipping hook. I rely on the Lazer TroKar TK130 day in and day out because flipping soft plastics for bass can be a vital presentation to rely on. These stout hooks have a straight shank, which increases the hook-up percentage when flipping—more leverage. Securing the bait on the hook is very important because the proper presentation is crucial when dropping a bait in front of bass’ face.

Drop Shot: Finesse fishing for bass is becoming more crucial for an angler’s success, primarily due to increased fishing pressure. Since these hooks are predominately small in size (I use a 1 or 1/0) an extremely sharp hook is even very important.

My other piece of advice is that once a hook looses it’s originally sharpness, it will never get back to 100 percent no matter what sharpener you have. I keep new hooks at the ready on tournament day and previously used hooks are always ready for practice or fun fishing.

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